The following is a list of the major changes to this web over the last month, with the most recent changes shown first:

Universal Bridge Cargo
Ltd. is certified ISO9001/2000
QMI Certification # 025197 
IQNet Certication # CA-025197

We have moved our head office to : 235 Newton Drive, Toronto, Ontario M2M 2P2 on Jun.,12.2004.
Tel.#(416)512-2288 Fax.#(416)512-7799
Toll Free North America Tel.# 1-877-612-8888 Fax.# 1-877-612-9611

We have a brand new design for our website with easy-to-use forms and the information that you need.

We have moved to a new location with our own warehouse on January 1, 2000. All mail and delivery must be sent to our new address as shown on our frontpage. Happy New Year from the staff of UBC!

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