UBC Import Department provide the following services for import shipments, please check the boxes for services required and complete your shipment data on the order submit form by clicking on the page below.

Click Here to: Import Order Submit Form

Import Services :
Arrival notice (ARR)
Customer manifest (MNFST)
Steamship release (S/REL)
Warehouse release (W/REL)
Bank release (B/REL)
Door delivery (D/DLVRY)
POD-Proof Of Delivery (POD)
In-bond (I/B)
Re-ship/Trans-ship (T/S)
Storage (STOR)
Distributions (DIST)
Import Logistic services/Consulting (LOG)
De-consolidation/Break-Bulk (B/B)
Collecting OBL & Charges (C.C.)
Agency Remittance (REMIT)

Customs House Brokerage :
Customs entry for Duty/GST (B3)
Customs Examination (EXAM)
Duty refund/ drawback (D/R/D)
T.I.B. -Temporary importation bond (TIB)
Exhibitions goods / 1/60 / E29B entry (EXH/1-60/E29B)
Carnet clearance (CAR/C)
In-house customs consulting services (CUS/CON)

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